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The price feed for GHO is fixed and denominated in USD. The price is fixed at 1 USD, using 8 decimals.

The Aave Protocol will be programmed to always use to price of 1 GHO = $1. This is different from using market pricing via oracles for other crypto assets. This creates stabilizing arbitrage opportunities when the price of GHO fluctuates.

This page shows the public constant state variables, and pure methods within the GhoOracle contract. The source code is available on GitHub.

Constant State Variables


int256 public constant GHO_PRICE = 1e8

Fixed at 1 USD, formatted with 8 decimals.

Pure Methods


function latestAnswer() external pure returns (int256)

Returns the price of a unit of GHO (USD denominated).

The GHO price is fixed at 1 USD.

Return Values:

int256The price of a unit of GHO (with 8 decimals)


function decimals() external pure returns (uint8)

Returns the number of decimals the price is formatted with, 8.

Return Values:

uint88: the number of decimals